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Wednesday, September 22, 2004
Windows Update Services (WUS)
Today, there was an open chat about WUS. It was pretty interesting. I'm excited about some of the new features that will be included in this new product which will replace Software Update Services (SUS).

Included in WUS will be the ability to update not only Windows clients/servers, but also deploy Exchange, Office and SQL updates. The final scope of what will be supported is still being worked out, but to me this is an impressive gesture on the part of Microsoft to try and address security issues. Of course, this doesn't really address the issues with Home PC's, but that's a different topic :-)

One of the features I like the most will be the ability to have different "Groups". With SUS, it was kind of a all-or-nothing shot. This was really bad for trying to "test" an update. With the addition of being able to specify which group to deploy to, testing should be much easier.

There will also be additional reporting available with WUS, including reporting if/when deploying an update fails, and the reason why (i.e. illegal copy of Windows). The public beta is slated for some time towards the end of this year, with the hopeful RTM being early 2005.
This was meant to have been in beta before the start of this year if i can remember. Wish they'd hurry up and get it into beta as its software that needs to be out there NOW in order to try and control and ensure networked pcs are uptodate.
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