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Wednesday, October 06, 2004
Up and coming Mobile device
Some of my co-workers have the Handspring Treo 600 here, and can't wait for the new Treo 650 that is supposed to be out VERY soon. I can't blame them - the Treo 650 is supposed to have many enhanced features, included a better resolution (320x320) screen, Bluetooth capability, a higher res camera, among other things. It's a nice device, but it is still a bit large for my taste. I'm a subscriber to PC Magazine, and in one of their recent issues, they did a review of mobile devices. In the article, they had an insert with up and coming phones. The one that particularly caught my eye was the Motorola MPx. The style of this phone intrigues me. It is the first I have seen with the dual hinge styling, and it looks like it will have a fairly nice large screen with good resolution and will also include a full QWERTY keyboard. IIRC, it will be running Windows Mobile for Pocket PC and it also includes an SD/MMC slot. For a complete list of all of the features, check out the included link. The dual hinge is what could make or break this phone in my opinion. I haven't seen any information on which providers will be carrying this phone yet, but it should be available soon at a wireless store near you.
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