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Tuesday, January 04, 2005
RPC/HTTP Problems anyone?
Everyone that has tried to implement RPC/HTTP knows that it isn't particularly easy and can be rather time-consuming. Kudos goes to Microsoft for making it much easier with Exchange 2003 SP1. Even though the requirements are many, the documentation is actually pretty good about detailing what the requirements are.

If you happen to be one of those people that just can't make it work, here is an additional tip that I found in the newsgroups this past week. Basically, rpcproxy.dll gets registered as a web service extension in IIS (the actual web extension is RPC Proxy Server Extension). rpcproxy.dll is located in the c:\windows\system\rpcproxy directory. If the RPC Proxy Server Extension required files is pointing at the wrong file name/path (in this case, it was pointing to c:\windows\system\rpcproxy.dll instead of c:\windows\system\rpcproxy\rpcproxy.dll), then configuring everything else will still result in RPC/HTTP not working. Fortunately, the fix here is as simple as adding the correct file/path to the required files, then removing the incorrect one.
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