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Monday, June 06, 2005
Another Techie Show break-in during the keynote
The new trend is Free- range information workers.  Using Hot-spots to work from anywhere.  They are the new "spoiled brats of business"
Top 5 requests from these "spoiled brats":
1.  I just want 1 identity and password for my desktop and PDA and everything else.  How hard can that be?
2.  I had sending e-mails and IM's and no one gets back to me.  I want to know where everyone is at all times!
3.  I'm tired of bringing every laptop I use to IT.  Even the laptop I use on my unsecured AP at home that my son uses to download mp3's, etc.
4.  Why can't my calendar, e-mail, contacts be synchronized with any device that I use.  Automatically.  Laptop, cell phone, PDA, Smartphone, Smart refrigerator, stupid coffee maker, etc.
5.  Self service website
Standard Response from IT Pros.... NO!
Not any more.

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