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Monday, June 20, 2005
Image Lifesaver!
This weekend, I had a SD card get corrupted.  I'm guessing that it was corrupted because when I powered my digital camera on, I received a message stating that the card wasn't formatted and would I like to format it.  The problem:  There were lots of images that were on the card that hadn't been offloaded yet.  The result of this revelation:  an upset wife (many of the pictures were from our daughter's birthday party).  Thus began the search for a savior.  Google was my friend here.  Within minutes, I had found a freeware application (actually several) that would recover images from SD cards (among others).  I ended up choosing an application called Zero Assumption Digital Image Recovery to recover the images.  Luckily, my laptop at home (HP Pavilion ZD7000) has a built-in card reader (my other card reader was at work), so I simply plugged in the SD card, then ran the application and told it to recover the images.  I assume that flash media work much the same way as hard drives in that when you format a flash card (or hard drive), it doesn't actually remove the data, just makes it inaccessible.  Anyways, my point here is that there weren't a ton of images on the card (probably 40 or 50 since the last formatting - it's a 256mb card and my camera is a 4.1MP), but the program recovered ~120 images.  That was fine with me, though, as long as the important ones were there, which they were.  There were only a few images of the ~120 that weren't completely recovered, which is pretty amazing.
Kudos to Zero Assumption Recovery for making this tool free.  The information on their website states the following:
"Zero Assumption Digital Image Recovery is freeware with no functional limitations."
In addition to the Digital Image Recovery program, they also have programs for recovering files from DOS and Windows.  I haven't looked at those, but if they are anything like the image recovery program, they will be pretty decent.

Damm, that is one tool to download. Thanks for finding it!
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