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A Collection of Random Thoughts
Friday, June 10, 2005
Managing the TechEd Operations Network
Wireless issues.  It presented several challenges this year.
Registered Attendees:  ~13,000
Users of scheduling tool:  ~7,000
Technical infrastructure staff:  10
Wired/Wireless users:  7,500
Breakout sessions:  440
Hands-on labs:  140
Network uptime to date:  99.998%*
*network minus access through WAP's
Requirements for event network:
Create an "infrastructure in a box" that can be re-used across events
Allow the entire infrastructure to be managed from a single point
Allow the infrastructure to be "plugged in" to the venue's in-house network as easily as possible
Be able to set up and fully configure the infrastructure in under 5 days
Allow the wireless and exhibitor networks outbound internet access using at least the following ports:
http/https/smtp/pop3/pptp/gre/l2tp/ipsec/vpn/messenger/rdp...machines on this network are not managed by Teched personnel
CommNet network has unrestricted Internet access and unrestricted access to the TechEd events servers (fully managed by the TechEd staff)
CommNet users can access the TechEd
support at least 8000 concurrent wireless users
support up to 800 HOL
Support up to 700 CommNet PC's
Provide e-mail ad show web services for attendees
32 total servers
2000 PC's
ISA 2004 as firewall
MOM 2005 to monitor network.
SMS to manage PC's/Servers
All in all, it was an interesting overview of how much it takes to set up the TechEd network infrastructure, but also how well it works together.

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