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A Collection of Random Thoughts
Tuesday, June 07, 2005
Paul Flessner's keynote
Getting connected is the main topic.
Gave some historical dates of different eras of communication, such as the first wired message, first telephone call, etc.
1994 - The Internet as we know it was released to the public by the government (of course, everyone knows that Al Gore created the Internet - HA!)
2004 - ~ 500 million people on the internet.  Figure is projected to double by 2005 to ~ 1 billion.
Connected systems - making it easier
Visual Studio 2005
SQL Server 2005
BizTalk server 2006
Dev Ready - Database development
Integrated with Visual Studio and .NET
SQL Server Service Broker
XML Data type
The Center of your connected Architecture
New in BizTalk Server 2006
Team Development with Visual Studio
Infrastructure Architect -> Solution Architect -> Developer -> Tester -> Project Manager
Design for operations
increased reliability
Quality early & others
50 -75% code reduction for most scenarios
Web Development
Smart client Development
Visual Studio 2005 Demo
Some new changes coming with SQL 2005 include:
Database mirroring
Smart online repair

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