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Wednesday, August 17, 2005
Exciting news from the Exchange team
The Exchange team blog (You had me at EHLO) has just posted more info about Monad and it's future in Exchange 12.  Obviously, they can only share certain information as Exchange 12 isn't even in Beta yet, but they shared some examples of things you will be able to do using Monad, and I'm excited.  I've seen some of the action personally, and as they posted, Channel 9 has a video of a Monad demo which should be fun to watch (warning - it's a fairly large video).
It seems the original intent of the post was twofold.  First, to debunk claims that Monad was being attacked by a virus.  As was pointed out, though there is indeed a virus that was written using Monad, there is currently no exploit to a) get the virus ON the machine, and b) get the monad script to run.  Both of those are fairly crucial and it's a shame that whoever reported the virus failed to mention them.  Secondly, a few examples of what can be accomplished using Monad are presented.  I have no doubt that Monad will be able to save quite a bit of time for many Exchange admins and it's way cool to know that everything you can do in the GUI can be done from a Monad shell (since the GUI is now built using Monad cmdlets).  This hasn't been the case with previous versions of Exchange, and to me, it indicates that Microsoft is trying to make this work for everyone (read as *nix folk who are used to doing everything from a shell interface) and I believe it will be a big selling point to Exchange 12.  Kudos to everyone who's been working on that, and I can't wait to hear and see more.
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