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Wednesday, September 14, 2005
New Exchange 2003 SP2 info posted
The Exchange team has posted new information regarding SP2. They clarify a few things, notably, while it has been widely publicized that the limit for Exchange Standard will be increased to 75gb, it will not be configured as such by default. Rather, the default configured limit will now be 18gb, but can be "configured" up to 75gb via modifying the registry. The licensed limit will then be 75gbThe reasoning for this was that many Exchange Standard customers may not have the storage capacity at present to support larger databases. I can buy that, but at least the capability exists to easily modify the configured limit.

Another nice feature that will be included is that the database size check will use the logical database size - this means that empty space will not be counted. I assume that empty space is analogous to white space, as they mention that no offline defrags will be required for recovery after running out of licensed database size. The current method for being able to re-mount a database once it has reached the limit is to set Deleted Items Retention to 0 days, delete mail, then have online maintenance run to purge those items. The resulting white space can be removed via running eseutil /d to perform an offline defragmentation/compaction of the database. If the last part no longer has to be performed, this will be a welcome step, as it would reduce recovery time by several hours.

Also, there will be database size warnings that will now be generated. These warnings are configurable via another registry key. When the database has reached the threshold size, an event will be logged to the Application log. Since it's a good practice to check event logs on servers on a daily basis anyways, this will provide a mechanism for admins to receive and early warning. I'm sure that monitoring products will be updated within short order to take advantage of this new capability as well.

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