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Tuesday, October 25, 2005
Exchange 2003 SP2 confusion
I've seen quite a bit of confusion about SP2 and the requirements.  Most of it centers around IMF and what to do if you have IMF v1 installed (SP2 containst IMF v2), and what to do if you want to enable the Sender ID checking filter.
I personally believe that these questions can be answered by simply reading the Relase Notes.  They quite clearly state the following related to SenderID:
Before you enable Sender ID on Exchange 2003 SP2 server, make sure that you apply the Windows Server 2003 hotfix that is referenced in Microsoft Knowledge Base article, "Windows Server 2003 may stop responding when you enable Sender ID filtering on an SMTP virtual server in Exchange Server 2003 SP2." Windows 2000 Server is in extended support mode only. Please contact your Microsoft account representative for information about obtaining the hotfix for Windows 2000 Server. For more information about this issue in Windows 2000 Server, see the Microsoft Knowledge Base article, "Windows 2000 Server may stop responding when you enable the "Sender ID Filtering" setting on an SMTP virtual server in Exchange Server 2003 SP2."
Of course, for now, this means that you have to call PSS to get the hotfix, but hotfix calls are free.  In fact, there is even an option on the phone menu to press if you are calling for a Hotfix.  you get routed to a Customer Support representative and give them the KB article and they send you the hotfix.
Regarding IMF, they also clearly state that IF you have IMF v1 installed, it must first be uninstalled prior to installing SP2.  Though it is clear about what must be done during the install, what isn't clear is how to re-enable IMF once you have remove v1 and installed v2 with SP2.  Bharat Suneja has a post in his blog that details how to re-enable IMF over here
Other standard rules apply, such as upgrading Front End servers prior to upgrading Back End servers.
It is also recommended to be running Windows 2003 SP1 on your Exchange 2003 server, as this is required to enable SMTP Tarpitting.
The Release Notes for SP2 can be found here.  If you are planning on installing SP2, I'd highly recommend to read through them.  They contain a lot of useful information, and are only a few pages long.  It shouldn't take more than about 5 minutes to read through them.

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