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Thursday, October 20, 2005
Good press for AMD from HP
I originally read about this over here and the original story can be found here
This really is huge news from HP.  It comes from HP's Technology Forum and basically several different managers at HP state that the performance of AMD's Server class processor, the Opteron, is better than Intel's Xeon processors.  When you get into 64-bit and dual-core, AMD outpaces Intel even more, according to HP.
I've always been a big fan of AMD.  You gotta love them - they are the perpetual underdog in this (their market share is much lower than Intel), yet their products continue to be high quality time and time again.  With HP being one of the only major vendors that sells both AMD and Intel chips in it's server lines (along with Desktop and Laptops), this sort of comes as a surprise.  It just isn't common to see comments like this.  It's not that I don't agree - I wholeheartedly DO agree with the comments.  Benchmarks of the two processors always seem to come out in favor of AMD.  Personally, I have used AMD processors for a long time.  When I get another PC, it will likely be the AMD dual core desktop chip.
As a co-worker said to me, AMD is the best thing that could happen to Intel, because it forced them to compete (and innovate).  More competition equals better products, which is better for us as consumers.

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