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Saturday, October 08, 2005
Great new Exchange news!
Exchange 2003 clusters will now support Standby clusters!  What does that mean?  It means that you can now recover a production Exchange virtual server to a totally different cluster.  This is great news if the number of users your servers support dictate a cluster. 
Evan Dodds pointed this out in his blog
Information regarding hardware requirements and instructions on how to configure the standby cluster can be found at:
Instructions are included on how to move the production virtual servers to the standby cluster as well as how to move the virtual servers from the standby cluster back to the production cluster once it has been rebuilt/repaired.  One recommendation worth noting here is that the IP address of the standby cluster is recommended to be in the same IP subnet as the production cluster.  This is due to potential latency issues within Active Directory, WINS and DNS replication and client name caches, and can potentially cause the cluster resources to go offline.  Obviously, if your entire production cluster is offline, then there wouldn't be much choice here, but this is one thing to take into consideration if you will be employing a Standby cluster as a disaster recovery plan.
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