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Tuesday, February 28, 2006
Windows Mobile Issue after removing Skype
I've been trying to tune my PocketPC (iMate Jasjar) a little bit recently, and one of the things I decided to get rid of was Pocket Skype. Oh, I might put it back on at some point, and I do have a Skype account (though I've never used it that I can recall), but at this time, it hardly seems necessary to run it on my Pocket PC.

Anyway, so I uninstalled Pocket Skype. It appeared to uninstall cleanly, and all icons/folders were removed. However, each time I turned on my device, I was getting the following notification message:

Notification Error
Cannot execute \Program Files\Skype for Pocket PC\Skype.exe

I thought this was odd and was determined to find the cause. I thought for sure that something had been left over in the registry. So, a-looking I went. Of course, that required a registry editor for Pocket PC. After looking (and trying) a few, I settled on PHM Registry Editor. It's freeware (Yay!) and has the ability to perform searches. You can download it here. The only trick was that it didn't install correctly. It includes a bunch of different cab files, and I had to fiddle around and figure out the right one that would work on my device, but once I figured out which one to use, it worked great. Ran it, but to my dismay, it didn't find anything with skype. Off to Google/MSN Search.

Searching for the error found many occurrences of this problem. The end result was that there appeared to be a notification event that was left over and wasn't removed properly. In order to clear out notification events, you need to have an application that can access them. Others have used Pocket Mechanic to do this, but it costs money, and I am notoriously cheap. So, I found Check Notifications that does the same thing, and is free for personal use. Opened up the notifications queue and found and deleted the offending Skype entry (and deleted a whole bunch of duplicate sddaemon entries as well) and all is well. No more notification event after turning on my device.
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