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Friday, March 10, 2006
I'm sorry that I have to say this
Let me start by saying that I usually shy away from discussing political issues in my blog. This topic, however, I felt was too important to keep quiet about.

I am extremely disappointed in our country’s politicians, but really, should I have expected less? I was very disappointed to hear that Dubai Ports World, the Dubai shipping company based out of the UAE that was set to take over management (key word there is management) of some of our ports, was in essence forced to pull out of the deal and will no longer manage operations for those ports. Instead, they will turn over all management functions to an American company. They claimed that the relationship between our two countries was too important, but I fear that the relationship between our two countries has already been damaged by this fiasco.

After all that our country has been through, I submit that we are just as bigoted as the extremist Muslims. After all, we are now punishing ALL Arabs (or at least it appears that way) for the crimes of a few. We are saying that, even though these same ports had been (gasp!) managed by another country for years, that having them managed (not operated) by a country full of Arabs just wouldn’t do. This is racial profiling of the worst kind – the very thing that we fight so hard to prevent inside our country. After all, that would give an upstanding company that, might I add, manages operations for ports ALL OVER THE WORLD, access to allow terrorists to exploit this as a “weakness” in our nation’s security. Yes, a weakness, even though day-to-day operations, and security, would still be performed by Americans

No, instead, this round goes to the terrorists. Why, you say? Oh, this is exactly what they wanted. They want Everyone to see that America doesn’t want to do business with Arabian nations. They want Everyone to see just how intolerant we are (yet we can call Muslim extremists intolerant, and that’s ok). Unfortunately, we’ve played right into their hands. I just hope that this doesn’t damage our relations with other Arab nations too much. I also hope there isn’t much international backlash because of this, but if there is, I can hardly say that we don’t deserve it

I respect your right to disagree with me (if you do). This is my opinion, and I stand by it until such time that it can be proved this isn’t what happened.
I'm from England, as much as I don't agree with the decisions your country's politicians have made in the past, I have to admit I feel this decision was the correct one.

I see where you are coming from, I don't agree with racial profiling at all, but it's something that will never been truly disappear in this world.

With everything in life, there is always a small minority who ruin things for others. The outcome is that everyone is punished until the culprits are found, whether it's fair or not, that's life. It happens in school, it happens everywhere.

Whether your country's decision is based on racial grounds to me is irrelevent, what I do know is that theres history with your country with regards to terrorist attacks, lives have been lost or destroyed through a small minority intent on causing destruction, should they all be labelled with the same bad tag? definately not however, to me the government have had to make a decision based on protecting the US citizens and eliminate any potential security threat/risk that could potentially occur.

I don't see this decision as saying americans do not want to deal with arabian nations, I see this as america wanting to elimate any potential threat so they can rebuild relations and given the history I can see why.
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