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Friday, April 07, 2006
I'm noticing a trend

I was looking over my blog statistics, and I’ve noticed that the posts I’ve made about Windows Mobile are getting MUCH more traffic than any other posts.  I thought this was most interesting, as the majority of my posts thus far have dealt with Exchange server.  I’m also seeing a lot of referrals from Google, which is cool, but it shows me one thing.  MSN Search still isn’t getting the traffic that Google is.


Microsoft, if you want people to use MSN Search (I do), you are going to have to change something, because whatever you are doing now clearly isn’t working.


Those of you that read my blog – what search engine do you use?  Why?


I'm still using Google as it gives more accurate results. I just find it much easier to find what I'm looking for.
Google everytime. Actually, I've used Google exclusively since 1999! Sheesh!
Why? I almost always find exactly what I'm looking for. Can't beat results.
I use Google, have done for many years but I'm starting to grow a bit tired of it now, maybe I will give msn search a try for a while. BTW, I notice exactly the same trend on my blog too. Google is a massive repeat referrer but search.msn.com only appears every now and then.
google everytime as the results are good and it *looks* nicer too. There are more features in google too that are just built in, such as the similar pages, pagees from this site, remove this result etc.
i use google. and i guess more hits on windows mobile articles is be the damm this does not seem to work.

i was searching for a way to get to setup a ipsec/l2tp connection to a checkpoint fw, from an o2 atom running a leaked rom(really tired waiting for an official rom from o2). waiting to get aku2/mspf working on the o2...no luck...i keep getting the brilliant message which goes like so.."your setting have not been configured properly etc..."

the noise you are hearing is my head banging on the wall..

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