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Tuesday, May 23, 2006
Microsoft slips out 2 beta product updates today

This one seems to have sort of slipped out.  I don’t recall seeing any big announcements.  Beta 2 of BOTH Vista (build 5384) and Office 2007 were released today.  The funny thing is that Microsoft didn’t put the Office 2007 beta2 bits on their beta site in hopes of staving off the huge mess that the last beta build created in terms of the download servers not keeping up with the load.  Instead, they put links to the Beta 2 bits on the Office 2007 preview site.  Of course, what happens a few hours after everyone found out it was up there?  LOL.


Due to high demand the site is temporarily unavailable. Please try it again later.

It also seems that the new method of downloading the files (SmartSource) is miserably failing as well.  I had to shut down my computer to put more memory in it, and ever since then, it can’t connect and retrieve my profile, so I can’t download the software.  Oh well – at least they are trying to fix problems…


Vista Beta 2 appears to be both on the MSDN site (for those who are subscribers) and on the Connect site (for those that are part of the actual Beta).  At least that one is downloading, though it’s gonna take a while, being 3.2GB in size!


Microsoft obviously still hasn't worked out how to use bittorrent!
LOL. Too True.

I did end up getting Office from MSDN instead of the Preview site. SmartSource was taken offline (how nice that there was no announcement), and instead the links on the preview site were just regular download links.
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