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Tuesday, June 20, 2006
Blogging with Office 2007

Another feature that has been previously mentioned by the Office team is that Word 2007 now has the capability to publish content to blogs. In fact, both my post yesterday and this one today are being published via Word’s new blog publishing capability. I like this feature. Why? There are at least 2 reasons that I can think of.

  1. The online editor I am used to using is often quirky (it didn’t like to work with IE7 Beta, for example) and doesn’t include many features.
  2. The “publish via e-mail” capability that Blogger includes doesn’t seem to work well. Whenever I would e-mail a post, some of the content (especially links) would get lost, and I’d have to go in and edit the post.
  3. Ah – I came up with a 3rd reason. If you have multiple blogs, Word gives you a way to centrally manage publishing to all of them.

Though the options of blog providers right now are limited, I’d expect the list to grow, and you do have the option of selecting “Other” as your blog provider, though I’d expect that if you do this, the format of the content (or if it works period) can’t be absolutely guaranteed.

Nice job, Office team!

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