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Friday, June 30, 2006
Cool MSH/Powershell tidbit

I end up doing some work on Linux, and one of the commands I use sometimes is the History command. This command, as many undoubtedly know, lists the past commands that have been issued. I wasn't sure if this had been implemented in Powershell, but thought I'd give it a try. Much to my surprise, sure enough it was there.

Why is this useful? There will undoubtedly be commands that get used more often than others. For those, it's easy enough to remember. However, there are (currently) just under 370 Exchange commands and (currently) just under 500 Powershell commands. I'm not going to remember or even attempt to memorize them all, not to mention all of the different parameters that can be used with each one! Due to the complexity of certain commands, seeing how it was used in the past would be very useful.

Update: I just noticed that it appears the History gets purged once you close the MSH window. Boooooo! Hopefully this behavior will change prior to RTM.

Edit: Thought it would be good to include the links to the 2 other posts related to this. The first is the initial followup after the comment I received from Jeffrey Snover.


The second includes the end-result that is working for me.


Howdy Ben!
I blogged a way for you to get what you want by putting some code into your profile file ($profile).
I hope this does what you want.

I see you just moved to Austin. I used to live there - it is a great place (just don't go barefoot in your yard (scorpions, fireants, centipedes and rattlesnakes). Small price to pay to have ready access to the some of the best BBQ in the world. :-) Have you heard the phrase, "it ain't summer till its hit 104" yet? You will.

We are looking forward to hearing more about what you like/dislike about Windows PowerShell.


Jeffrey Snover
Windows PowerShell Architect
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