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Thursday, June 29, 2006
Windows Desktop Search woes

I’m kinda bummed out. I tend to run many of the latest versions of products on my laptop, so I have Office 2007 Beta2 (which is much better than the Beta1 release), MSN Live Messenger Beta (in the process of being upgraded to the RTM product), Yahoo’s new Messenger Beta, IE7 Beta2, etc. etc.

The problem I’m facing is that all of a sudden, I can no longer use the Desktop Search bar to search contents on my computer. It appears to be a problem with the Windows Desktop Search and explorer.exe, and no, uninstalling/reinstalling Windows Desktop Search doesn’t appear to help.

I could, of course, break down and simply download the Google Desktop Search, but I am again unhappy with some of the decisions they have made. Their new version of the Google Desktop Search, as I understand it, is by default set up to send data about indexed contents back to the Mother Ship (Google’s Datacenter, that is). Living in a corporate environment, that is a BIG no-no, so even though the feature can be disabled, my choice is to not use it period. Plus, being a techo geek and all that, I want to figure out what the problem is and fix it if possible!

Anyways, if anyone out there has experienced the same or similar problem and has found a fix, let me know.

Following is the error I receive when I try and search using the Desktop Search Bar.

Next, here is the error I receive if I right-click the WDS Search Icon, and choose “Search Now

EventType : wdsindexfailure

P1 : d__wds_source_enduser_wds_localsearch_application_msnlocal_msnladmin_msnladminwnd.cpp

P2 : 2846 P3 : 80004004

Finally, I have the option set to let WDS replace the regular Explorer search (Start, Search). When I click Search from the Start menu, the Windows Desktop Search interface comes up, and I can type in a search query, but after returning a few results, I get the below error.

AppName: explorer.exe AppVer: 6.0.2900.2180 ModName: mshtml.dll
ModVer: 7.0.5346.5 Offset: 0019f6dd

The only change that has been made recently is that the memory on my laptop was upgraded from 1GB to 2GB. I’m hesitant to blame the memory though, as there have been no other notable problems.

Update: looks like pictures don't get uploaded automatically when using Word 2007 to publish. Edited the post to include that picture...

Use Copernic Desktop Search. Better than MS and Google plus does not call home. www.copernic.com
Does anyone have a solution? I too have the problem, but only when logged into my domain account. WD installs and works fine when logged in as local admin however. I have local admin priviledges with my domain account. When I install WD under my domain profile, I get an several registry key backup errors (can't back up keys). I have WD working find on my home PC and love the program.
I don't know what the solution to my original problem was, but Microsoft has since released an upgraded version of WDS (3.0 Beta?) that works with Office 2007 (which I need), and that seems to work fine for me. This doesn't seem to be what you are experiencing though.

I'd check on the microsoft newsgroups and see if anyone there has an answer. If you use a newsreader, the NNTP server is news.microsoft.com, and the newsgroup is microsoft.public.msn.search. They are also available online on Microsoft's website.
Good advice on V3. It wouldn't install under my domain profile, but as with the previous version it installed under my local admin account. The difference now is that it works under my domain account where the previous version wouldn't. The setup is weak compared to V2.6.5 and there doesn't seem to be much intuitive control about what to search. The other thing I'm unsure of is whether I still need the PDF filter and whether the 2.6.5 filter will work with 3.0.

Lastly, I looked at the Copernic search tool. Seems promising. Any thoughts?
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