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Thursday, June 29, 2006
Windows Live Search

I recently changed my Internet Explorer search engine to Windows Live search. Previously, I had been using MSN Search. One of things that I *really* like about Windows Live Search is that it does Continuous scroll of results. I can’t tell you how welcome this feature is. ALL other search engines that I have seen will only return a set number of results “per-page”. It’s somewhat annoying to keep clicking the next page if you don’t find the results you wanted on the first page. Yes, I know that search engines are typically designed so that the best results will show up on the first page, but it doesn’t always work, thus you are left to check the results from other pages “just in case” the desired result is there. Continuous scrolling of results means there is no more clicking on the next page. As you scroll down, more results appear. It’s a WAAYYY cool feature. Kudos goes to the Windows Live team for coming up with this feature – I LOVE it!

I'm not on the Search Team but I am a Windows Live Butterfly Beta Expert and it's always nice even from a beta testers perspective to see nice comments like this! :)
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