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Tuesday, July 11, 2006
Windows Mobile tidbit

If your Windows Mobile device isn't automatically syncing with Exchange, make sure you check the Date and Time on your device. If it isn't correct, then you won't be getting updates.

I recently was without my Windows Mobile device for 3 weeks, and when I got it back, it was *completely* out of juice. Luckily, with Windows Mobile 5.0, I didn't have to worry about losing any data (Yay!). Once I charged my device, I did a sync to get everything working, and it pulled in a bunch of e-mail, so I figured everything was ok. Then I noticed that it wasn't receiving updates. I'd see new messages on my Outlook client, then I'd see that they weren't there on my Jasjar. I thought that was a bit odd, because with Direct Push, I'd usually end up seeing the messages on my device before they would show up in Outlook (cached mode). Performing a manual sync on the device would pull over all mail, but nothing was getting synced automatically. I was hoping that I wouldn't have to delete and re-create the Exchange server partnership, but was almost ready to do just that.

What finally caught my attention was looking at the day that was displayed on the home screen. It said it was Sunday, when in fact it was Monday. Turns out it was a whole year off. Anyways, once the time issue was corrected, Direct Push started working again just like normal. So this is a note to remind you that if you aren't getting automatic syncs, check your date and time.

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