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Tuesday, August 22, 2006
A 4 yr old's harcut!
And now for a post on the Family front.

We don't need to guess where she learned this from - her older sister has attempted to cut her own hair twice now. Pictures posted in order are:

1. Before the cut. Her hair went *almost* down to her waist.

2. The cut

The second picture doesn't really do justice - she also did a hack job on her bangs. After this, my wife had to take her to a real hair stylist to have it fixed. The "After" pictures:

Of course, she's still CUTE! I'm not sure what possessed her to want to cut her hair, but what's done is done. If you're wondering where they get the scissors from, we do have them put away up in a cupboard, but as you know, 4 yr olds and 6 yr olds are resourceful little buggers! :-)
Dude - She looks just like you!!
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