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Tuesday, September 26, 2006
UM Kit offer from the Exchange team
Are you part of the Exchange 2007 Beta, but haven't deployed the Unified Messaging bit because you don't have a VOIP gateway that you can integrate it with? Have no fear. Thanks to the effors of the folks on the Exchange team, for a limited time you can purchase a trial kit for $1000 that includes not only an analog IP Gateway, it also includes a full 2 hours of support to help get it set up and working with Exchange 2007.

One thing to note - the actual hardware costs far less than $1000. You can pick up the same piece of hardware (Audiocodes MediaPack 114 FXO) for ~$450, which means that the phone consultation bit is rather expensive. If you haven't had any experience with VOIP or setting up a VOIP gateway, this still might be a good deal, but if you have experience, I'd recommend just getting the hardware yourself and setting it up. The Exchange help file (and online documentation) is very good when it comes to information about UM. There are lots of places where you can get the VOIP gateway (note that currently, there are only 2 such gateways that are supported as being compatible for testing). Here are some links where you can get the VOIP gateway.
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