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A Collection of Random Thoughts
Tuesday, October 17, 2006
Three items of note in the Sports world
First, the Bears offense didn't deserve to win last night against the Arizona Cardinals. Rex Grossman was terrible. 4 interceptions, and 2 lost fumbles. That's almost unheard of. However, give credit to the Bears defense. After being down 20-0 at the half, they came back to life, and literally got their team back in the game. They forced 2 fumbles that were returned for touchdowns, and with a punt return for a touchdown and a lone field goal earlier in the game, that's all Chicago needed. We'll see how they rebound from this dismal performance, but they certainly didn't look like a potential 16-0 team last night.

Second, I am absolutely disgusted at the brawl that occurred during the Miami - Florida International game this past Saturday. It was a debacle. It was an embarrassment to both schools. At least one of them seems to be taking it somewhat seriously. Unfortunately, it isn't Miami. Florida International dismissed 2 players, and extended the suspensions of 16 others to indefinite suspensions. Miami, on the other hand, has suspended one player indefinitely (the one that was swinging his helmet at other players), but 13 other players only received a 1-game suspension (including a player that was visually observed to be "stomping" on other players legs. You gotta be kidding me. Mike and Mike (on ESPN radio) are spot-on when they said that the players involved (or at least those that committed the more serious acts) should be kicked off their respective teams, and should then be banned from football for life (including the NFL). The piddly 1-game suspensions dished out by the conference (ACC and Sunbelt) and by Miami are nothing more than token penalties. ACC commissioner John Swofford says "These suspensions send a clear and definitive message that this type of behavior will not be tolerated," - yeah right. Gimme a break. At least FIU had the guts to make a strong statement by indefinitely suspending many of the players involved.

Third, I Believe! Actually, I guess I should say I'm a fair weather fan. Let me explain. I grew up near Ann Arbor, MI. We'd usually go to a few Detroit Tigers games per year, though I don't remember going to any games until after they won the 1984 World Series. I remember players like Chet Lemon, Alan Trammel, and Jack Morris. I remember the old Tiger Stadium. I remember that most years, the Tigers stunk, and didn't make it to the playoffs. In fact, they haven't been in the playoffs since 1987. I suppose it's no wonder, then, that I never declared myself a true fan. So when they squeaked into the playoffs this year (after blowing a rather large lead towards the end of the season) and were matched up against the New York Yankees, I didn't give them much chance of advancing. But they did! Then, they swept (yes, swept) the Oakland A's by winning 4 games in a row, and advanced to the World Series, where they await the winner of the NY Mets and St. Louis Cardinals. Could this be their year? I mentioned to my wife the other day that I hadn't heard of the names of any of the players, and her comment was that meant that they were a true team, with no real standout players. I think that's pretty accurate. Go Tigers!
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